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We’re imperfect so it’s OK for us to change our minds

It may be hard to admit, but none of us is perfect. We make mistakes. We make bad decisions. We do things that we shouldn’t do. In all of history only one individual has lived a perfect life, a life where he didn’t make mistakes , he didn’t make bad decisions, and he didn’t do things that he should not have done. We know that that person was Jesus Christ. It is important for us to remember our imperfection. It is important for us to remember this because it also helps us to remember the reason why Jesus went to the cross. He went to the cross to save us from ourselves. The only thing he asked of us is that we accept him as savior and Lord. With Jesus sacrifice and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit we should be striving toward perfection, but we are not perfect. The reason it is important for us to remember that we are imperfect is because it helps us to remember that we do not have all the answers. Sometimes we are wrong . sometimes someone else might just have a better solution. In our current climate I think that sometimes we forget our own imperfection and because of that we are unwilling to waver in our thinking. It’s hard for us to realize that our thinking might be an error . it’s hard for us to accept that someone else may have a better idea of maybe they have a different idea that is just as valid as ours . It’s hard to except that and idea or a cores of action that we may not like maybe the best solution to a problem. No one likes being imperfect , no one likes being wrong , when we accept our imperfection, we can also accept the fact that it is OK if we change our minds . it’s OK if we realize that our way of thinking was not the best in a given situation . it’s OK if we say that someone else has the better idea. This is the way that we as a part of a community will be able to move forward and grow. We have to be willing to change our mind from time to time and admit that someone else had a better idea. We’re imperfect so it’s OK for us to change our minds

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