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Storycorps: One small step conversation

Below you will find a conversation that I recorded of NPRs StoryCorps: One Small Step. In this conversation, I am talking with Brittany who has a different world view than me. It is important for all of us to be willing to engage with people that we do not see eye to eye. If our country is going to continue to prosper we must engage with each other and we must be willing to compromise. For those of us who are followers of Jesus, we must not allow things that are not essential to salvation to divide us. We must be willing to discuss our differences and most importantly we must be willing to work together regardless of our differences. The conversation below is in two formats the video is a youtube video. The video format has the interview with slides and video clips to go along with what we are discussing. The second format is just the audio of the interview. Because of the length of the interview, I am including timecodes for subjects that are covered in the interview.

00:22 – 05:16 What shaped our politics 07:37 – 10:52 Dealing with stereotypes 11:40 – 18:57 Copermise, Black lives matter, and police 18:58 – 22-24 Understanding Liberals 24:55 – 31.35 Reasons to speak/not speak and not being PC 31:36 How to avoid Eco Cambers

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