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Hi, I’m Rev. Franklin Ruff and this is my personal blog page.  I am a native of Detroit Michigan.  I graduated from Detroit Northwestern high school; shortly after graduation, I joined the United States Navy Reserves.  I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Davenport university and a Master of Divinity degree from Ashland Theological Seminary.  I answered the call to pastoral ministry in October and 2003.  During that time, I have served as an associate minister in three churches and as the pastor and two churches. I have been married to my lovely wife Makeba for 20 years, and we are the parents of three wonderful boys.

You are going to find three kinds of blogs on this page.  First, as I study books of the Bible, I will write about my thoughts on my studies. Second, I will write my thoughts and opinions on biblical issues, Christian ethics, theology and doctrine. Lastly, I will write personal reflections on issues of importance to me.  I hope that you are enlightened and informed by reading and please feel free to add to the discussion by commenting.

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