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Rogers family essential workers scholarship

The Rogers Family Essential Workers Scholarship will be awarded to 3 outstanding citizens who are training to serve as Emergency Responders or in the Medical Field.  Students will apply annually, and scholarships will be awarded on a per-semester basis with proof of qualifying grades.


  • Enrolled in a college program seeking certification or a degree to serve as an emergency responder or in the medical field.

  • Provide transcripts proving at least a 3.0 GPA average (High School and/or College transcripts)

  • Provide a Résumé/CV detailing Community/Volunteer Service & Internship/Volunteer/Work experience in your chosen field

  • Essay (500 words) describing your vocational choice and what you hope to accomplish through it.

An applicant may apply annually up to six years for the scholarship.  Recipients will be required to provide proof of 3.0 GPA each semester to continue to receive the scholarship.  


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