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The Voting Is Over Now Let’s Get Back to Work

On Tuesday November 6th Many of us went to the polls to cast ballots in the mid term elections. I was among those millions of people who cast a ballot. For me voting is extremely important. I think my heritage has a lot to do with my attitude towards voting. As a black man in America, voting is not only a right , it is not only a privilege, but it is an obligation. I feel that I have an obligation to vote to honor the sacrifice that was made for all of those who came before me.  Many people were beaten or even killed so that I could have the right to vote. So I don’t fill that I have the right to stay home and not vote.  Too much was sacrificed so that could engage in the political process. I also understand that there are many people who do not share my attitude and enthusiasm for voting and the political process. Among Christians there are some people who would say that Christians shouldn’t vote , we shouldn’t be involved in the political process , and while I respect their thought process and their beliefs, I do not agree. It is OK for Christians to disagree As long as we remember that as Christians we are all brothers and sisters in Christ . we have all been saved through the atoning blood of Jesus.

Now that the voting is over it Is time for those of us within the body of Christ to continue to do our work. In some cases the people that you voted for won. In some cases the people that you voted for lost.  I split my ticket and so I had mixed results.  Some of you chose not to vote at all. Regardless of whether you pick the winners or losers or whether you chose to vote or not to vote, our work as Christians has not changed , and it requires that we work together. One of the things that we are called to do is to pray for our leaders. We should be praying for our president , we should be praying for our Congress , we should be praying for our courts. We should pray for our state and local governments . we should pray that our leader act with wisdom in  their decision making . We should pray that our leaders   do what is best for their constituents . We should pray that they serve with honor, distinction, and humility.  Prayer for our leaders Should not be based on whether or not we voted for them , it should not be based on whether or not we agree with their policies.  Our prayer or our leaders should be based on the fact that the God we serve has called for us to pray for our leadership , so let’s get to work and do what God has called for us to do.

Now that the voting is over  it is time for the body of Christ to get to work trying to make our communities better.  Regardless of who we voted for we all want the same things.  We want safe community , we want good schools, We want to see that those who are genuinely in need are taken care of . the main difference is that we have different ideas on how we can address these issues.  What we have in common is the Gospel.  We need show  people the Gospel , by living the Gospel.

Now that the voting is over let the people of God come together , let us pray for our leaders. Let us come together to build better and stronger communities. Let us come together and strengthen the body of Christ. We will not be under any illusions that we’re always going to agree, and we will not be under any illusions that there are not differences. We’re not going to pretend that sometimes we do not agree on the path we should take, but we will also remember that we are all trying to reach the same destination. We will remember that we are all family in Christ Jesus, and hopefully we can come together to make our state, our nation, and The body of Christ stronger. The voting is over now let’s get back to work.

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